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About Glankler Data Services, LLP:

I started GDS because as a former Machine Control Data Prep Specialist, I saw many Data Prep models that were being used for Machine Control to be inadequate in the precision needed and in the readability of the linework that is associated with the 3D Data Prep model. These inadequacies cause users to think GPS Machine Control is only accurate vertically to 0.5'. If Data Prep models are built correctly, equipment maintained and field procedures followed, accuracies below 0.04' can easily be achieved.

Glankler Data Services, LLP provides quality, detailed DTM Data Prep models and is an outgrowth of my 20 years of experience in the construction field starting as a Rodman on a Survey Crew and now as a Professional Engineer.  My construction staking experience in the field and office from pounding stakes to creating stake-out points in Acad probably accounts for my nickname “AutoThad”!

Moving from the Surveying side to the Engineering side as my experience grew, I used Cad programs to “design” and not “draft” my sites.  After 14 years in the Design field, I was hired by a Machine Control dealer to help with Data Prep modeling.  As such, I created and managed a division specifically for modeling, model building training, troubleshooting on GPS Machine Control equipment and helping field and office personnel with procedures and presentations to Construction Professionals.  I have lectured at area universities and set up GPS classes. I have personally created more than 1400 models specifically for Machine Control.

Remember for the cost of a model you will get GDS's knowledge from construction surveying, CAD experience and Engineering experience. You will profit from our ability to provide precise, accurate 3D Data Prep models for Machine Control and construction staking equipment.

Glankler Data Services, LLP has no conflict of interest through attempted sales, just a workable, productive DTM surface model.

Machine Control Data
Glankler Data Services, LLP provides accurate, affordable 3D Data Prep Models for Engineers, Land Surveyors and Contractors for Machine Control, Construction Stake-out, Grade Checking, Earthwork Progress Quantities and Stockpile Verification. The Data Prep models are produced by a team with over 20 years experience in the fields of Engineering Design, Surveying, Construction Staking/Layout and CAD Design and Drafting for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Schools, Parks and Runway projects. Over 400 Data Prep models have been produced specifically for Machine Control. Roads are modeled using true Horizontal and Vertical alignments with Road Templates. The Templates contain specialized shapes that can be transitioned Horizontally, Vertically, tie to existing, Slope and Superelevations, making the transitions smooth, continuous and true. All intersections are complete with correct Radii for all shapes- a TRUE model produced by design software NOT an Estimating model! Clear, readable background files are included FREE! Problem areas are located during modeling process so corrections can be implemented BEFORE any dirt is moved saving time and money! All models are produced to clients tolerances and specifications! We'll create DTM Data Prep models that allow you to utilize your GPS machines and rovers to their maximum potential. Let us worry about the surface models and background files so you can proceed with grading and layout.
Glankler Data Services, LLP provides clear, readable background files with every surface model. Buildings, roads, contours, retaining walls, storm/sewer lines & structures, water lines, lot lines, sidewalks, R/W, CL, Road Stations, Parking/Road Markings are all included on standard Background files or anything else you would like to show or omit. We have standard colors for each layer or specify your own!
 All background files are FREE! Accurate Data Prep surfaces are great but without a clear background file, the best surfaces in the world will not be as useful and easy to use without good linework.

CAD Clean-up
Do you have estimating software that professes to have the ability to directly import a CAD file and instantly get an earthwork quantity? Or is it difficult to follow lines while digitizing? Most CAD files are not in 3D, not easily read with extra layers or do not have intelligent lines. Let Glankler Data Services, LLP convert your 2D CAD file into an intelligent 3D file so you can import into your estimating software and determine your quantities correctly without the hassle of converting the file yourself.
Surface Quantity Reports

Have you collected field data points for Stockpile/surface verification or for progress quantities but don’t have the time or personnel to correctly calculate  these in a timely manner? Let Glankler Data Services, LLP take your data and create a customized report showing your quantities.

For a FREE quote, e-mail us either a CAD or Points file along with your contact information and any relevant details of your project.

Drone Services

Glankler Data Services offers drone photography, video, and mapping. Glankler Data Services is FAA Approved with fully qualified and insured pilots. Drone photography is a fraction of the cost and risk associated with old-world solutions such as scaffolding, rope access or helicopters. Glankler Data Services can save you time, money and risk while providing the highest quality deliverables.

Asset Inspection

Conduct quick and efficient first inspections on your projects. Use drone technology to eliminate equipment to reduce cost and time of setting up equipment to gain a new view of your project.

Volumetric Services

Using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data. By acquiring faster data from the sky in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images, you can gather millions of data points in one short flight.

3D Mapping

With Glankler Data Services, you can capture accurate aerial imagery and transform it into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models of sites. Collect your geo-referenced images without the hassle of waiting for manned aircraft or satellite imagery.

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